1.3 Wraith too Weak/Strong


This thread is to compile any threads/posts about the new changes to Wraith. Wraith had a number of changes this patch and I’m interested in see what people think is still too strong or too weak now.

Thank you for ruining the Wraith
From bad, to worse. The wraith v1.3
Is everyone happy with the new Wraith nerfs?
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Is the patch live yet?


For PC users it will be live soon if not already running.


I just downloaded it and tried out Hyde. He’s awesome now


I’m just glad I got her elite skin before this, I really don’t see much of a reason to go back to her if they nerfed her to hard.


She really needed the speed nerf.


I played 2 rounds with Wraith. Way to weak. I’m not able to flee, I’m not able to get any damage done even on stage 2.
I think i’m good with Wraith, I’m in the top 30 with her.
BTW I used the CDR Perk


Wraith had too many changes for anyone to adapt this quickly. You have to alter your playstyle. You can’t play her like before.



seems like nothing changed

u can still get out of dome while beeing on trapper

antleast i could 10 mins ago but that could be cuz i didnt download the patch yet

didnt close my game yet


now, but understanding and knowing how they should work, is the part. play wraith, you wont last long


Keep it civil and respectful in here please.


i don’t feel offended at this point, nothing to worry <3


Alright, going to post about the 3 matches I played as Wraith post patch and the match as Goliath and Kraken.
In anticipation of the nerf to Wraith, I started playing her 2 days ago, just 3 rounds a day, full agressive warp blast, decoy, abduct. Going for stage 1 and 2 wins :smiley:

Match 1 Wraith

Picked my WB, Dec, Abduct, had smell range 75% trait. Am fighting Val, Hank, Griffin and Hyde on that ultra small map with a big cliff in the middle with a Tyrant.
I start as usual, WB in a 45 degree angle and use traversal skills to get as far away as possible. The hunters find me due to a nice split and carrion birds.
I get tranqed by Val and traverse, decoy. Hyde throws a grenade in the general area where I hide and I take massive damage, forcing me to cancel decoy and make a run for it. Val tranqs me again and the squad opens fire.

The tranq dart duration screws you over for the fight and the half a second visibility on decoy feels like an eternity, it’s more than enough to make the invisibility part obsolete. The hunters just fired in the general direction from where my clone came from and the stray bullets just screwed me over.

Getting away was extremely hard when the dome was down, Val pumping out tracking darts made it feel like I was facing Abe combined with Grif’s soundspikes. I got killed before I hit stage 2.

Match 2 Wraith

Bigger map, same skills but took run speed 15% trait, fighting Val, Hank, Maggie and Hyde.

Same start as before. Making distance but didn´t bother sneaking unless I had to get past birds. Once the hunter team found me, I had a terrible time getting out of the dome and the tranq darts did not help! :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t get away from this setup, the tranq and Daisy being constantly on my arse. Died when I was at stage 2.

Match 3 Wraith:

Swapped abduct for Supernova, took feeding speek perk and was facing the same setup from match 2.

Basically the same thing happened. I got to stage 2 with 1 dome fight, which took more than half my health due to the increased damage from Hyde, the tracking from the tranq dart and the invisibillity getting turned off for ‘so long’ by stray bullets. If Hyde throws a grenade your way, you don’t have time to move slowly while stealthed, you need to get the F out of that spot immediately, preferably before he throws the grenade your way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got killed when I was ready to evolve to stage 3 due to not being able to shake the hunters off my ass.

Match 4 & 5 as Goliath and Kraken

Faced another team of players.

These were my venting matches. Brutalising the hunters over my poor lady getting ‘rekt’ by those mean hunters. Goli and Krak are still strong and the buff to Hyde keeps you more aware of your positioning. Good matches overal.

TL:DR; Semi n00b wraith player gets completely ‘rekt’, unable to shake off the hunters due to tranq. In combat Hyde has become a true monster and his grenade forces you to waste your decoy clone and use your warp traversals which in turn opens you for more tranqs and damage.

Goli and Krak are still fine.

Wraith instantly went from super cheese to hardest monster to play at this moment, absolutely no room for errors due to diminshed speed, increased visibility when hit by stray bullets when invisible by Decoy and Supernova won’t give you the wiggle room to fly around in your own down to get to multiple targets. Abduct is still nice but you REALLY don’t want to fight before stage 2…and even then I’m scared now :stuck_out_tongue:


I won’t last long because my experience with Wraith is only in Solo mode. I was waiting for the patch to learn how to play her. I honestly think Wraith is going to be basically learned from the ground up and 2 matches with a Monster that was changed so much is not enough to adapt.


Hunters are visible for half a second and Monsters can just swing in the direction they disappeared in too.


This Val player he was fighting would be me by the way :slight_smile:


Wraith needed a traversal Nerf, because it was promoting a boring play style in the hands of a good but a “bad” player. Since it became a Ring around the Rosie for 15 min then a stage 3 power relay fight.

Sure there were a lot of Wraiths that were bad or that actually played the strike retreat repeat style. But those were usually not the majority. And running around for 15 min is not fun.

That is the only thing that bothered me with Wraith and it became such a annoyance that i would actually leave games if i were in a bad mood and saw a Wraith monster.


Oh cool!

Hit me up on steam sometime. I’d love to play with some people :stuck_out_tongue: So far it’s been a lonely road haha.


Honestly, wraith’s mobility was all she had going for her as a monster. Any team that communicated and understood how her skills worked could down her with moderate effort. (Wraith goes decoy -griffin harpoons her while invisible, assault fires on her while invisible and she can’t traversal or it wastes the value of decoy-) The only viable way to fight good hunters was warp blast 3 at level 1, rush stage 2 and get super nova 3 then burn them down before they burn you down while kiting the assault. Reminding you this comes from a Hunter player that plays Assault with a good team of hunters on a day to day basis The wraith was in the right place with her mobility the change to warp blast would have fixed a lot of the problems without changing her traversal. Right now her mobility will probably be on par with goliath if not slower than goliath. Wraith was a pub stomper, similar to stealth characters in other games with the changes shes undergone i foresee a buff in the future but so long as the community keeps complaining she will remain where she is, A pub stomping monster and nothing more.