1.3 Val OP/Balanced

Before she never ran out of ammo , so most of it was wasted anyway. Sure on paper it seems worse, but In practice she’ll heal for more than before, and have more time to switch to her traq, and damn… maybe even sniper rifle (they also need to fix the horrendous graphics of her rifles scope and reduce the magnification).

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Yeah that’s what I was going to say, thank you

also your profile pick is strange wtf is that, @Slab’OMeatt ? OOOOOOOH

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Its whatever you want it to be.

I feel those Tranq’s are going to be hell.

Haven’t played Goliath since the patch but I will work on it. Hated the Tranq’s before, gonna hate them even more.

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The duration of the Tranq is way to much. You can’t escape with a good Abe player or a Val with JetPack Perk because you’re perma slowed. Breaking Line of sight is, at some points, nearly impossible.
10 seconds for Wraith was perfekt because of her mobility.
Maybe 4-6 for Kraken and Goliath.

Heal is a bit overpowerd, could be reduced because you nearly instantly heal up a Stage 2/Rockthrow 3 with Damage Perk.

Val’s heal’s are OP? I must admit, I didn’t see that one coming.


When you heal ~1k healthpoints in 2 seconds, it’s a bit overpowered

Her heal is still pretty slow compared to Caira, and it’s single target. If she’s giving you that many issues, focus her down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Val needs a higher heal percentage on herself for her heal burst. You would think someone who doesn’t have any way to heal themselves would have a better personal ability.


I personally despise playing Val too much, because she’s so easy to kill.

It’s why I don’t understand how anyone can consider her so OP. If she doesn’t have a Hank on the team, she goes down in 5 seconds or less.

She is like a healer in any other game, she requires the team to protect her. I’ve seen teams with good knowledge of this putting Val to an amazing good job.

Val healed 5% each sec and they changed that to 6% each second.
Now i do not remember the exact value but i highly doubt that two seconds aka 12% HP = 1k Health for hunters. I do believed they were in the 1600 range with no strikes.

Problem is getting that team to protect you.

When I play Assault, I will literally boost in front of a rock to save my medic. When do you see anyone doing that in a pug?

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True, which is why Griffin and Val excel in good comp teams, but not in pugs.

That’s the Plan :smiley:

Val, Griffin, Hank, and any assault in my opinion.

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Then she should be easy for you to counter. ^.^

Focus her like you would a Lazarus, you’ll do fine.

Going to post this topic here since you didn’t make a 1.3 Val is too Strong/Weak thread: Val + Abe = Perma Stuck Wraith - No Possible Escape v1.3 [Video]

Here is the Val thread.

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You beat me to it.

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