1.3 Val OP/Balanced

If it comes up, put the OP posts here. Don’t flood the forums when the 1.3 patch hits PC. ^.-

I can see the 10 second OP claims, lets see if it happens. O.o

Have the conversation about whether she’s balanced or not, it makes it easier on people, if you can find it in 1 thread.


I would change the title to allow Val still being weak to post here as well. I made a thread for 1.3 Wraith and I think those two should be good as they got some of the most changes. I might make one for Hyde.


I made one for Markov’s mines as well. I feel they’re going to be weak, lets see what others think.


I’m actually wondering if Val is going to be slightly UP again.

Heals 20% faster
Consumes ammo 2.5x faster.

Ok, so now the med gun heals at a rate of 120% but consumes the ammo at 250%. I realize that Val even now can be very annoying when healing, but I don’t see the compromise or improvement here. If I ever had a complaint about a hunter’s healing ability it would have been Caira.

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Her healing was too slow, so they made it faster. She couldn’t effectively keep a hunter up, if they were being attacked. Now she heals 20% faster, but has to think while doing it, for fear of running out of ammo.

Val is still underpowered honestly. It’s a slight healing buff yeah but it doesn’t change how overall she is weak. She gets focused, and then she is dead. Otherwise she has a very short duration healing beam. Meh.

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10 second tranqs, that’s going to be the point where Goliath/Krakens get pissed off. ^.-


I understand that speed is a factor, but while a 120% is a slight buff the 250% drain in comparison is quite a nerf. I’ve never viewed Val as a burst healer since that’s a void clearly filled by Caira, and while Val needed a buff so she could heal a bit quicker I don’t see how rationing what limited capacity she currently has to be of any benefit at all. I could see a 150% reduction, possibly 200%, but now all I can think about is how much easier its going to be to fight against the Val & Hank combo knowing that Val’s effectiveness has changed. To the very least I expected a trade-off: 120% more speed for 120% more drain.

Val’s going to be awesome!

The Hyde one should be “1.3 Hyde Scary/Terrifying” :slight_smile:


Am I the only one that thinks the devs never wanted a char to outheal focus damage from monster?


That’s all Val is. ^.-

Caira though, she’s not supposed to. She’s supposed to AoE heal, which is why she isn’t supposed to completely outheal focus damage. Val’s supposed to make that process, slow, and painful for the monster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Val is more scary for her tranq darts. The duration and the slow feels like you got tracked by Abe while he stuck a stasis grenade to your arse :stuck_out_tongue:

She is way more useful now though, I don’t think she is OP but perhaps the tranq dart could be brought down to 8 seconds if 10 still proves too much later on. I like the challenge.

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For the patch is live.

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Val is a utility healer. And she indirectly heals by slowing the monster down. If the team can not avoid it with Tranq’s in them, then that is not Val’s fault that is the team members fault.

The only thing she lacks compared to other medics is self healing but that is the same issue. She is supposed to be played at a height/advantage point. If you are playing her in CQC you are doing it wrong and are at fault for dying.

The heal rate change is to encourage players to switch between her utility instead of staying on the med gun 24/7 and at the same time. Actually make the mastery and the perk to be something useful to her.

So once again. Val might not be equally good at healing. But she is denying damage but with responsibility in the team members hands.

Val is an offensive healer. She requires a team to protect her. This was her weakness. Numbers aside, she was decent pre patch.


Val definitely needed this change of healing speed. It is now much easier for her to heal on the go and also get someone up after they’ve gone down, all of this she needed to be close to effective as Caira. She still needs protecting from her team so I’d say she’s pretty solid right now. The normalized tranq duration also helps. Not OP at all.

10 second tranq is vicious, especially if you have a marksman. In terms of healing… Caira is still gonna be able to put out a far faster healing rate, but at least Val will be slightly more useful in combat.

@MacMan @DamJess

I noticed the slower battery recharge that was suggested a month ago is not in the patch notes. Did you ditch that idea? I hope so.

I believe the increase in heal speed by 20% and the faster ammo consume will work well. I didn’t think she needed to be punished by ammo / battery recharge as well.

edit: Previous suggested changes:

Increasing her overall effectiveness. Made her Medgun a bit more bursty. This makes capacity and reload perks useful for Val.

Heals 20% faster
Consumes ammo 2.5x faster.
Takes 50% more time to recharge.
Duration increased to 10 seconds on all monsters (was already 10 seconds on Wraith, now other monsters match)

I believe she still consumes ammo faster but she has a gigantic battery on the Medgun to begin with.