1.3 Audio bug, sounds play infinitely


Ever since patch 1.3 I will randomly get an audio bug where the game will loop gun sounds infinitely. Other sounds do not play, only the infinite gunfire. So the game is barely playable as you can’t hear anything.

R9 270 Sapphire 2GB
AMD 6300
8GB 1866mhz RAM
Creative sound blast X-fi sound card


That’s weird I’m not getting any audio issues… Have you tried reinstalling?


I have sound lag too since 1.3 with an X-FI Creative Titanium HD


I get sound bugs all the time and it is frustrating especially since the new update behemoth is hard as heck to play at level 1, but if I don’t hear the ship dropping the hunters I get jacked over and also I often cannot even hear gunfire no matter who im playing with the added bonus of bird noises sometimes go off without the icon so that’s fun.