**_#BloodThirstyMedics._** (Referring to Player controlled Medics)


Whats causing the fact that Medics are leading the charge in many fights now ahead of the assault and trapper?

Slim is by the worst in this reguard… Emit stays clear though…

But has anyone else noticed a HUGE SURGE in Medic BRAVERY?

Edit::maybe they got a bloodeagle skin and thought that meant CHARGE… i dont know. Its crazy. As a monster, im like… Yummy Medicinal FOOD!


Do you mean Medic AI or player-controlled medics?


Player controlled… (I can get footage its hilarious)

You know, I wonder if its an adverse reaction to the solo buffs?

Edit::although the Ai bots should have a cheating extreme DARK SIM side to them too… for training… >.> <.<

(now im going to try bots and see what they do)

BOTS on Favored… Slim, T.Hank, Griffen, Renegabe

Slim led the charge as well in the bot game.


Perhaps its just that Slim is an aggressive character? I mean, don’t get me wrong here the Medic probably shouldn’t be leading anything but an ambulance, but Slim benefits greatly from being right in the fight. Perhaps a bad example.

Do other Medics act similarly or is it just Slim?


Emit and Laz play like they should in any match especially with a good Kala,

Its slim (i know his leach gun thing)
vals and caira…


Idk about normal Val and normal Caira, but RVal and Qaira are both also very aggressive. RVal can essentially fill the role of Tank rather than medic most of the time, and Qaira can damn near match an Assault’s damage if she has a good player on the controls.

But if it’s OG Val and Caira, maybe there is a bit more to this. Something to be looked at maybe?


Well if its an adverse reaction to things like the solo buffs, then its not training players to get better and thats not good.

Right now, I like the balance. Even on the OP map and Cataclysm… It feels good. But we cant have the newest recruits playing instinctively wrong.


Its probably just that Evolve is such a different game than most other FPS games. It can take a little while to get out of the ‘Run and Gun’ mindset and more into the MOBA kind of feeling (DOTA and League of Legends for those who dont know what a MOBA is).

Once the tutorials get beefed up a bit more and there are a couple more tournaments so people know who to watch, I bet we will see a lot less of this kind of behavior in favor of more strategic gameplay.


It’s funny when medics chase me after a fight, cuz I just turn around and dunk them. Some learn, some don’t, what are ya gonna do


Val is the current free rotation Hunter, so I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing are newer medics that aren’t familiar with the mechanics. I think this is something we can tutorialize better.

I think that’s going to play into it quite a bit. Some other franchises have the idea of a support or medic “class”, but you’re still able to run around alone or rush in first.

Ha! I learned this lesson the hard way as a medic. I remember when we first changed over everyone being able to dome. Sometimes I’d run ahead and be the one to dome the Monster, and then got absolutely rekt in the face. Learned my lesson.


Pubs can be so much fun too. I get ripped on for not playing a ton of ranked, but to be honest the personalities of the pubs change so much its nice and I play monster… where else are all the main fights?


So, this is a thread talking about a medic players mindset to rush ahead?


A who now?


I’ll take that as a yes and change your thread name and topic a bit. It’s OBVIOUSLY not a bug if players are doing things on their own accord.

Edit: I apologize if that came across as agressive. I’ve been up for over a solid twenty-four hours and it’s hot as fuck in California.